NO PHOTOS PLEASE 😷 can’t get enough of statement tees, sorry haha 😌

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Finally! I have my very own perfect black pants. Yipee πŸ˜ƒ #atmosphere #zara

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My l♥ve for Origami Shorts

Every time I go out, I’m always having a hard time deciding what to wear. I’m not into ‘super short shorts’ kind of outfits, so it’s really really hard for me to find something comfy to wear.

When I was in Iloilo, I love to going to Plazuela and look for some stuff (clothes to be specific) the bazaars in there are amazing! They have clothes perfect for every occasion. And not only clothes, they also have caps, sunnies, slip ons and more. They have everything! (they got it all for you, just like SM! haha or maybe not everything, but almost)

And here are my favorite catch!!Β 



They are so lovely and very comfortable too. I have almost 7 of them right now ;)



A closer look with the prints…

1st photo - Florals. You know how I love floral prints right?Β β™₯

2nd photo - Cats. Who doesn’t like cat prints? Well, not me. I’m inlove with them.

3rd photo - Owls.Β I love owl printed stuff! It’s so vintage-y. ;)



So here’s my newest origami shorts and my new sassy top! Well, I guess the top explained everything haha :D

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Little tattoos. Man! I have skills lol βœŒπŸ˜„

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3D bag 😁 #ootd

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C’est la vie πŸ’›

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Adding this to my floral collection. Hello there! 🌹 #annasui

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Cherry blossoms 🌸🌸

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It tastes so good… because it is πŸŸπŸπŸ” midnight walk with BJ.

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