hello! who are your top bloggers? can you recommend some esp here in iloilo? thank you.

Hi there! You can go check ‘suediaries’ and ‘onesweetmileblog’, they’re amazing! I’m kinda new here also to soooo yeah ^^ 

"People are so quick to judge others faults, but never quick to point out their own."

Loving the dress I got from Nang Sue’s online closet sale. Aahh! Can’t wait for her next closet clean up. Aaaand this time, I won’t be late! I swear to God. Haha

Sorry, I know it’s blurry but I don’t have any other ootd pictures. Just this, we were too busy with the event. Maybe next time. 😄

xox Barbie

Up up and away!

So me and our workaholic team (me, tintin, and ma’am angie) was very busy these past few days because of *drum roll please* haha okay it’s an event we decorated for a friend. Welcoming James Matthew to the christian world! I’m pretty sure you don’t know this informations but, Ma’am Angie, Ma’am Pia, and Ma’am Je are friends for a very long time. James Matthew is the son of Ma’am Je and Sir (ops, I forgot the name) Conlu and because Ma’am Angie is a creative teacher, mentor, and a good friend, she wanted us to help her with the decors for the event. To be honest, I was kinda scared of not reaching her (ma’am angie) expectations (but I think we did great) with the decorations and all that. Her idea was big and amazing! She was explaining everything and rainbows, flowers, and glitter are falling down from my eyes and ears (haha not literally). Hot air balloons (which I really like because I have a thing for balloons), clouds, sweets, and more…

To start, let me first post a photo of Chub (nickname for James Matthew).

imageIsn’t he cute? Haha he’s like a little tiny baby from fairy world. He’s so tiny I’m too scared to carry him earlier at the event *sad* I just took that photo from a frame (you can see my phone on the side)

Here’s a photo of a jar full of marshmallows… haha kidding ^^ please ignore that tasty looking sweets and proceed to the background. That’s Chub with his mom (ma’am je) and dad.imageI love the reflection of the lights here. Too dramatic eh? Haha

I love the finished product… I just love it ♥♥♥♥

imageSimple but… yeah simple haha (i think I need more words but I suck at blogging so, sorry about that huhu)

Our center piece. It’s a mini hot air balloon but I don’t have a whole picture of it (i’ll try to find one and post it here). We filled it with candies for the kids and put some quotes for the parents.

imageI love the clouds effect though haha <3

Our mini hot air balloon. Aahh! How cute is this? The basket, the balloon, the stuffed toy, oh who am I kidding? Everything is so cute! Haha I would love to jump in and fly… if I fit hahaimage

That’s all for now. I hope this event won’t be the last (i’m being sarcastic here) :D I’m tired, but I really did enjoy decorating the event. Thank you Papa God for the ideas, good friends, and strengths to finish this task. This is all for you! ♥

*so far the longest i’ve ever blogged lol* 

Your name says it all! You literally look like a Barbie! haha, thank you for following pretty face. :D Kepp on blogging. :))

But not as pretty as you. Thank you for the compliment though! :3

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hello :) love your photos!

Hi there! Thank you so much. Such sweet words. ☺

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Hi pretty! Wanna ask lang kung diin ka nag buy sang lenses? Hoping for a reply! thanks! <3

Hi there! I got mine from “FashionRack ni Andrea” on Facebook. Here’s the link… https://www.facebook.com/fashion.rackk

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